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Coughs and Sneezes.........
Before you attend:
  • Please DO NOT attend your appointment if you or someone in your household develops a new persistent cough or fever, and follow government advice regarding self-isolation. You can notify me of appointment cancellations via phone, text or email. There is no charge for cancelled appointments



Attending your treatment
  • Please arrive as near as damn it, on time for your appointment, not too early. This is to maintain social distancing and reduce contact with others in the toilets/corridors/waiting areas


  • Arrival at the front door: please observe the signs and wash your hands on arrival. The men’s toilets are on the ground floor, the women’s are on the first floor. There is a map on the front door to guide you


  • Antibacterial gel is available for you to use in the waiting area and in the clinic. Please use this freely: it’s there for your use. However, it is not a substitute for washing your hands


  • If you have attended your appointment and develop symptoms of Covid-19 within 14 days, please let me know as soon as possible, so that I can make any decisions necessary about whether I remain open and/or who may need to be contacted 


By taking the risks seriously and complying with the above protocols, I hope that we can all stay safe and well so that people who need treatment can continue to receive Shiatsu, a warm hug in difficult times.


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