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What is Shiatsu

In essence, it’s a hands-on treatment, done through your own clothing, that helps you de-stress and get your health in balance. It originated in Japan and is now popular all over the world. Whatever reason you come to a Shiatsu session, such as a migraine, digestive problems or stress issues, the treatment will help all of you. Body, mind, and spirit.


How does it work?

The world’s leading scientists, including Einstein, have promoted the idea that ‘everything is energy’. Well, Shiatsu works on your body’s energy, known in Japan as Ki (pronounced key) through the manipulation of energy channels in your body called meridians. Using a deep massage and pressure treatment, the flow of energy is released which helps you heal



How can Shiatsu help?

It’s important to emphasise that it’s a treatment that works on all of you regardless of the condition that brought you to the session, and that the outcomes for everyone are different. But the typical reasons that people come to me include:


Gut health and embarrassing little problems

Locally I have a nickname as ‘the poo whisperer’. Many people come to me suffering from IBS, chronic constipation, diarrhoea or bum leakage. I’m able to work the abdomen as part of the treatment which helps long-term sufferers of digestive problems rebalance and get much needed relief. The gut is sometimes referred to as the body’s second brain. When your digestive system is unbalanced, life can be miserable. Shiatsu can really help you feel well and get your gut back to doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.


Relief from chronic migraines

After a recommendation from a friend, Mrs. KJ came to see if I could help with debilitating migraines she had been suffering from for months. Although migraines manifest in the head I still work the whole body from the toes to the top and always include working the face. After three regular sessions, and monthly top-ups KJ is now migraine free.

Calming the voice of anxiety in your head

We all live busy lives and sometimes it feels impossible to quieten your mind. We often overthink problems and situations we have no control over and cannot change. Working the whole body but paying specific attention to the head and face my treatments can quieten the mind bringing a restful,

restorative feeling.

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